Dreams For Plans

Álbum: #Shakira - Mais Tocadas 1 Plays

Dreams For Plans Letra

Once upon a time you and I
When we were green and easy
Fresh as limes and happy as a Sunday sky
There was nothing we could sell or buy
'Cause all we really needed
Was our bare feet and a pair of wings to fly

What do you think, darling?
Have we lived too much, too fast?
And have you
Have you felt the melancholy, darling
Wishing that time hadn't past?

Can you tell me how it used to be?
Have we missed our chance?
Have we changed our hopes for fears
And our dreams for plans?
Can you tell me how it used to be
When we really cared?
And when love was on our side
On our side

I remember all the times before
When we could spend our evening
Staring at the ceiling, lying on the floor
My vocabulary wasn't broad
And I spoke so little English
That the word