Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

California Love

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California Love Letra

We met at city walk universal studio
Uhh so beautifullll
Trully cold
Shawty need a movie roll
I am not an actor but I'm stickin to da script
Tony montana had me stickin to da plimp
But now I got an actress stickin to my head
And she hit with me with her fuuuuhb
You can roll a credit shawty is my fetish
And you know I like em redish and shawty is redish
You know I like em fiiiiine and shawty is da liesst number on my dageee
Speedin like a cop behind me tryna catch up with this girl like sum 57 hunz
And u diserve lobster mommy so how bout I make reservations at christation finaa
Table of two jus me an you some drinks and food
Couple yeah I kno's couple of jokes
Uh couple plies uh couple girl I kno u laaaawwwnz
Cup of patron
Cup of dawn
Cup of yawn
Cup of hound
Cup of mounz
Cup of groundz
Cup of groun
And we hit our cup of lawn and her goodies so good I can't make a bad sound
And her pussy so good wish I could wear it for cologne
And her pussy so wet I wish I slip and break my neck
And I take her to rodale she shopped all dale
Ad I fucked her hollywood ass like she was from LA
I wish dey could be california girls

California ca ca california
Man I wish dey could be california girls
California ca ca california

She my california love my california love dat girl my california love

Uhh but shawty got da nerve dow
Cause now she tellin me to stop now she said she wanna stop
Now I'm callin on da stop where da purple? like where da purple?
And my mamma said nerver hurt a woman but wat if dat woman hurt meee
And dey say love is priceless but right now is very cheap and we
Say we will fight dis until round 13 but jus like mike tyson we ran out on 13
We were only bitin on a dream in dat boxin riiiing and in dat boxes it's a riiiing... a riiiing
Now can somebody call dat thing and tell her shawty give me back my riiing
Shawty give me back my riing... and dat one thing
And now I wish dey all...
I wish dey all could b california girls
Cus she was my califonia love
My california love
My california love
My california love
Da girl was my california love