Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Burn After Rolling

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Burn After Rolling Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
Taylor Gang
paper planes
you know what i say, tell them to keep count
you other niggas speak bout
Lamborgini dreams, beach house wishes, pour bottles of champagene for my beach house bitches
It aint new to me that money boy I been bout. throwing 100s on the floor, i tell her keep
count. nigga they aint loving what i say cause I really live the life you other niggas speak bout
got my cameraman he down to do a movie for me, couple niggas round his diamond do the shooting
for me. Im still riding with my main bitch she rolling the joints something old school playing
She love me, we fucking we in the fly free zone when some niggas will cap and save it.
I let her shop till she dropped dead sleeping in the crib wake up to decent pot plant
Short shorts and a pair of polo socks blazing with your bitch, if you wanna live smoke this


Im glad to be here out the way in so long so long so long
I finally found me a cloud to float on float on
And im gonna float on float on float on float on
And im gonna float on float on float on float on float on

And I dont have much but I take all I got and thats what i give what i give
What I get in return is the money I earn and the life I live life i live
Im so gone as I burn after rolling after rolling and float on float on float on

Talk numbers I hire people to speak for me, if you love her hide your bitch so you
keep shorty ever fly private so much diamonds in my chain hella sky mileage
I fell asleep on a plane and never woke up and now im living the dream
Suckas hate hard hoes treat me like im a king they wanna live comfortably
sippin on champagene real niggas fuck with me so drama is not a thing
I gave my momma the osha told her anything that came through the door
open the whole clip im with your bitch smoking let her keep the mid
im gonna roll this potent hotel so close to the water you can even hear
the ocean. them bitches cant breathe beware them niggas with tattooed sleeves

Wanna smoke cause they know that I keep flavors tell me how them other niggas
lame and she love the cool breath so she fucking with the taylors
wear Allstars and smoke papers iphone with no ringtone vibrator on plane mode
palm trees and bompree road the weed burning but the money just flow
while im looking at your niggas fate light another L and pull the liqour
out the case niggas try and bail see me now they want to hate fly another plane
different city nother state my cash change the forecast as the team was half baked
before class now i smoke joints with other niggas hoes and this shit you burn after
you roll fool.