Buffy's Pregnant

Álbum: #Nirvana - Mais Tocadas 1 Plays

Buffy's Pregnant Letra

Boy, I'd like to make your
I'd like to jump your bones
Slip her the hot beef injection
I'm hoping it gives me a hand job
hum'na Hum'na

I was so lost in last Saturday night
He drank a whole half gallon
He started very poorly, vomited
It was great, despite
And me and my friends dancing break out
And hit some queers punk rock

Buffy's pregnant
Let's plan the future
We will assemble the class
Go debate
Who has the most beautiful ass
Spread our mind games
With verbal words
We are all equal
Only flies with shit
Clone, clone, clone, clone

I saw you yesterday
Eighty-six rules
You heard what I said Marsha?