Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Bm J.R.

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Bm J.R. Letra

[Baby Talking]
Yea shorty, you know what I'm talkin bout'
I peep these niggaz out here they slippin like they ain't bout
money no more man, so what fuck
You know what we gon' do ha?
We gon' do what we been doin nigga
We gon' load up, get alot mo' and alot mo' and say fuck em'
Keep fuckin hoes
Loadin up on mo' bitches
Then you know what I'm sayin, we gon' get greedy too nigga
I ain't never gettin' full, I'm full blooded with this grind
[Lil Wayne] I GOT IT

[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
Murder capital, only key to survive is kill
If the elements don't murder you the riders will fo real
And niggas know I goes hard to the fullest
Get involved and I got' em' playing dodge ball with bullets
I got the sawed off, fully in the sean john hoody
Get fucked ya play pussy
We hit em' up when they ain't lookin and them body shots hurt
And the head shots took him
And if the read dot spot him then the hollow head got him
Knock his top to his bottom jack
You see me grind to the bottom just to make it to the bottom
At the very bottom of the map
Lou-easy-ana pirahnnas everywhere you at
You gotta weigh an extra condom and an extra gat
You bitch could get it for actin like a man
Them niggaz in Pakistan impactin on ya man
I back his hand ya man on command
In front of niggaz he cool with the boys on fam
I'm on, I am just in different climates, duckin the animal keep on runnin wit
my primates
You ain't did it till you done it like in 5 states,
Weezy hustle no blubber I put on weight
And in a drought I go on I diet and stretch more
Loose all that weight, leave a nigga with stretch marks
You don't even come up to a nigga chest paw, supa,
what the fuck they play it in the club for ?
Real shit I'm duckin bombs from a drug war,
no religion but the cops swear that I'm a drug lord
Father forgive em' for they no not who they pushin lord
Father forgive me if I have to send them to ya lord
I'm just tryin to dodge the shots they send to the god
They riding up highway to heaven boulevard
Damn, them niggaz pussy and jive, not even in an eye exam they ain't lookin for