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Lil Wayne

Best Of Me Freestyle

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Best Of Me Freestyle Letra

Yes Darling Weezzy Baby's Squalling
Take Pitches With Bricks Some Of Them With Quaters

Send Em Cross Da Boreder
My Bitch Is Originally From Across Da Border

But Once Mami Crossed Da Border
To My Hideaway Acoss Da Border

She Like Acrossed Da Floor
And We Tossed Da Whore

Ima Floss For Sure Cuz My Whip Is Costin More
Den All Of Yours Put Togther Im Good Forever

Im Reppin My Hood Weneva Were Eva How Eva
U Want It Ill Mail It Homie

Hide It An Kettles Over Da Stoves In Da Mornin
An Im Ova Da Stove N Da Mornin

Wit A Bar Of Dat Coke N Sum Arm N Hammer
Im Swarm In Wit Da Hammer

N My Arm Full Of Ammo Face Painted Like Da Black Sambo
Strapped Like Rambo Cant Nobody Da Damn Flow

Ill Have His Body C Da Damn Floor
Im So Groovy I Mite Kno How To Play A Fukkin Bango

But I Neva Tried
N When I Wuz 12 I Took A Bullet Like A Man Yo But I Neva Died

Im Hear Now Im That Child Tada
I Let Da Tek Blada If U Sit Down

Dont Walk Let Ya Hair Down Ma
N Got No Brain On My Sports Car

N Shawty Came Out Her Sports Bra
Because I Came On Her Sports Bra

I Got Game Like A Sports Broad-Caster Hey Its Ya Broad Master
Ill Have My Bois Masterbate On Ya Broad Faster

Bag Da Hard N Da Plastic
Watch How I Go Hard On Da Ave Wit It

I Move A Jag Tinted In Ya Residental
Swagger So Tite It Mite Pinch You

Ice So Brite It Mite Irk You
Slide In A Urkel

Rims Mite Hurt You
Interior'll A Murk You

I Got Work On Ere Outskirts An
I Got Her Out Skirt Out Shirt Fam

Im Da Boi I Said Im Da Boi Man
Mami Cant Avoid In My Air On Jordans

She Cant Lie Cuz I Glide On Clydes
But She Trynna Ryde Wit Me Because I Sky On Dominiques

She Not Hatin Cuz I Rip On G Paytons
But She Luv To Ryde In Da Back Of My Phirilla On Daytons

We Skatin U Waitin
She Real Late N Damn U Real Patient

We Real Players But We Really Dont Play
Like Josa Forte Got Doja All Day

Got Bread Got Toast N Parque
Dats All Doe All Day

I Knock Off Hoes All Day Im Makkin Viscious
Ask Ya Gurl Bout My Dikk She Said Dats Delishious

Ask Ya Gurl Did She Spit She Said Dats Nutritious
Aske Her Did She Give Flips She Said Dats Tradition

If She Said She Didnt Dats Suspicious
N Ya Need To Stop Listinen To Dem Nasty Bitches

3-2-1 Carolina Blue Kicks
Carolina Blue Fitteds

Carolina Blue Whip
Carolina Blue20'z

Carolina Blue Seats
Carolina Blue Ice

Carolina Blue Bike
Carolina Blue Lites

Carolina Blue Jerzey Carolina Blue Gators
All Fukk It My Favorite Team Is The Lakers

Laker Yellow Lambo Laker Yellow Rari
Laker Yellow 9-11 Laker Yellow Mami

Laker Yellow Converse Laker Yellow Birdman
Laker Yellow Numba Eight Kobe Bryant Authintik

Ima Authintic Nigga N So Is My Click
Weezy Baby I Jus Murdered Dis Shyt... Holla Bakk