A Bela e a Fera

A Bela e a Fera

Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Days In The Sun

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Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Days In The Sun Letra

[Young Beast]
Days in the sun
When my life has barely began
Not until my whole life is done
Will I ever leave you

[Maestro Cadenza]
Will I tremble again
To my dear one's gorgeous refrain?

[Lumière & Plumette]
Will you now forever remain
Out of reach of my arms?

[Mrs. Potts]
All those days in the sun
What I'd give to relive just one
Undo what's done
And bring back the light

[Madame de Garderobe]
Oh, I could sing
Of the pain these dark days bring
The spell we're under
Still, it's the wonder of us I sing of tonight

How in the midst of all this sorrow
Can so much hope and love endure
I was innocent and certain
Now I'm wiser but unsure

[Belle & Garderobe]
I can't go back into my childhood (Days in the past)
One that my father made secure (All those precious days)
I can feel a change in me (Couldn't last)
I'm stronger now, but still not free (Oh, hold me closer!)

[All except Belle and the Beast]
Days in the sun will return
We must believe as lovers do
That days in the sun
Will come shining through