Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

All My Life Freestyle

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All My Life Freestyle Letra

Entrar no grupo do telegram
Jay Rock what's good?
Haha, we label mates nigga I shoulda been jumped on this shit
But it's all good I'ma take care of it
Start like

I started out lil' nigga with a dream
Now I'm on but it still ain't what it seem
'Cause now I got more money
More niggaz rather see me somewhere on the floor then the ceiling of this thing
But I can give a damn what a little nigga think
I pop more champagne, peel another sweet
Catch Wiz skinny ass chillin' on the beach
Cut my own hoes off, I ain't deal with them in weeks
I pray to God every night before I go to sleep
To let her know I'm safe, kiss my mother on the cheek
My little sister grown, little cousin tall as me
And I'm proud 'cause he ain't fuckin' round in the streets
The fans love the old school sound that I bring
You like jab-work, I pound on the beat
And bein' from Pittsburgh they sayin' they concerned
With tryna make a lame 'cause my sound is unique
I love when a nigga talk down, think it's sweet
You couldn't play me if you was acting and seeing
The haters can't see 'em, the money's in the way like traffic
Pistolvania is straight action
I'm from the (ghetto, ghetto, ghetto, ghetto)
Where niggaz ain't workin jobs
They only option is to hustle
They feel like they gotta get it
Not all about it then fuck you
You ain't someone that I grew up with
So why you think I would trust you?
Real talk like a dictionary
They say life's a bitch, I'm married
And we make love, she fuck other niggaz tho
Can't keep up, you haters to slow, oh

Yea budy
That's how it is
That's it, that's all
Hahahaha, yea bitch
OK, hahaha